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Dog Walking and Pet Homecare Services

Come Rain or Shine provides these core services around Bristol
  1. Group Dog Walking
  2. Solo Dog Walking
  3. Home Visits
  4. Daily Visits
  5. Pet Taxi
  6. Cat and Small Pet Service

I can also customise pet services to meet your needs.If you require services not represented here, please give me a call to discuss
your particular needs. I will do my utmost to help. Please ask about bespoke services.

Two happy dogs running in a snowy field

1. Group Dog Walking

I pride myself on providing your dog with a quality walk that will give them the physical and mental exercise they enjoy. I can tailor the walks to suit whether your dog likes slow paced walks or has bags of energy. Before I can provide walks for your dog we will need to arrange an appointment to register your dog. I will come to your home where the registration process will take around 30 minutes in which time I will ask various questions about your dogs attitude towards other dogs, energy levels and any fears your dog may have (for instance joggers or cyclists). This will help me to ensure that your dog is walked with other dogs that match his/her energy levels and provide the right kind of stimulation and supervision for them.

  • Your dog will be walked for a full one hour
  • Shorter or longer walks are available
  • Off lead walks are available with written consent
  • Solo walks available (see below)
  • I do walk bitches in season which is a solo lead walk which incurs an extra charge

Your dog will be cared for as if it were my own and will be in capable and caring hands. If you choose the group walk for your dog there will be no more than four dogs plus my own dog called Harry. Your dog will be able to run, play and socialise with other dogs and you can feel at ease knowing that your dog is having a great time. I will always make sure that there is fresh water and that your dog is happy and comfortable before I leave.

An alert dog stands alone on a beach

2. Solo Dog Walking

If your dog prefers solo walks I can cater to his/her needs whether their social skills are not that good or just likes a peaceful walk. If your dog enjoys jogging, walking or chasing balls, I can accomodate; I’m there to provide whatever your dog prefers. Otherwise this service is similar to the group dog walk.

A small puppy drinks from a large bowl

3. Home Visits

If you and your pet would like me to come and visit I offer a service where whatever the reason (work commitments, day trip, etc) I will come and visit through the day be it once twice three times all services come with love, fuss, tiding up any mess your pet may have made, feeding, changing water and bedding.

  • For older dogs who just like to pop out in the garden to relieve themselves or just like a 10minute walk down the road
  • For puppies who need some tiring out
  • For cats who like attention
  • For pets who need medication at certain times

Whatever your pet needs through the day let me help to ease your mind while you are away.

An elderly dog rests in the garden with a surgical collar

4. Daily Visits

It can be a very stressful time for you and your pet when you are going away whether its holiday, hospital, or business trip. As well as providing peace of mind while you’re away, this service breaks up the day for your puppy or dog and gives them extra attention.

I can ease the stress by visiting your pet every day while you are away and by doing all that is needed for your pets comfort and wellbeing by feeding, changing bedding, ensuring they have fresh water, food, companionship, stimulation and much more. I will also help with giving your house the lived in look by opening/shutting curtains, collecting post and watering plants.

Dog wearing flying goggles leaning out of a car

5. Pet Taxi

This service is ideal if you do not have your own transport, have difficulty getting out and about or are at work when your pet has an appointment. We can transport your pet (and you too!) to your chosen location be it a friends house, to the vets, kennels, etc.

My van is fully insulated so whether its hot or freezing outside, the temperature inside is perfect. There is access front and rear as the specially fitted cages have emergency doors.

A cat sleeps on its back

6. Cat and Small Pet Service

While you are at work or away I will cater to your pets needs whether that is providing company, feeding, cleaning out and fussing them. I can also help with watering plants, closing curtains etc.

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